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Members of the Al Welsh Orchestra have been playing together over most of their playing careers. All of the musicians are very loyal members who very rarely miss an engagement, and they are very well received at all of their various performances, whether it be dances in ballrooms, birthday or anniversary parties, conventions, or town celebrations.

Denny Anderson, trombone player and owner of the Al Welsh Orchestra, has been playing with the Orchestra since the late 1970's. Denny retired after teaching instrumental music with a total of 38 years in the Iowa towns of Goldfield, Rockwell City/Lytton, and Pomeroy/Palmer. He is a 46 year member of the Karl L. King Municipal Band of Fort Dodge, IA and plays in various other musical organizations. He currently spends time arranging, along with handling activities and functions associated with the Orchestra. Denny is the one to contact for booking the Orchestra. Contact Denny at or P.O. Box 24, Rockwell City, IA 50579, or phone (712) 297-7795.
Ross Leeper, plays lead saxophone and clarinet and has been playing in this orchestra since 1960, making him a veteran of the band of over 55 years. Ross lives in Indianola. He has had a very distinguished career as a band director and clinician from elementary through college level. He is widely known, not only around the state of Iowa, but throughout the nation. Ross has been director of bands in Eagle Grove, Knoxville, and Simpson College, located in Indianola. He is a former member of the Karl L. King Municipal Band of Fort Dodge, IA, and former director of the Fort Dodge Area Symphony, as well as the Fort Dodge Chorale Society. Ross has contributed many selections as an arranger for the Al Welsh Orchestra.
Steve Cook, plays lead trumpet and flugelhorn, sings some vocals, serves as our audio and design tech person. He has retired as director of bands at Perry High School in Perry, IA, and now serves as the manager of the Perry Performing Arts Center. Steve grew up in Webster City, which was also Al Welsh's home town. Steve started playing with Al Welsh's Orchestra while still a student in Webster City High School and has about 45 years of duty in the orchestra. Steve serves as the state secretary for the Iowa Bandmaster's Association, a position he has held for many years.
Marlene Radebaugh, plays alto saxophone and clarinet, along with being one of the band's vocalists. Marlene owns his own airplane and is the band's pilot! One of his airplanes is pictured on the Al Welsh Orchestra homepage. Marlene has been playing in the Al Welsh Orchestra for over 40 years of his 60+ years of playing in various dance bands. He is also a retired banker who resides in Rippey, IA.
Brad Bleam,  is our bass player, now having been with the band for nearly 15 years. Brad's day job is directing instrumental music in the Manson/Northwest Webster Community Schools. If he can find time, Brad also plays bass for other area musical organizations that call on him regularly. Brad lives at Twin Lakes, IA.
Steve Lawson,  plays keyboard and lives in Harlan, Iowa. He has taught instrumental music for 35 years with 33 years as the middle school band director and high school jazz program director. Steve is past president of the Iowa Bandmasters Association and is a member of the Iowa Jazz Educators Hall of Fame. He has worked as a professional jazz musician for over 50 years playing piano, bass, drums, and trombone with many midwest dance bands as well as has his own band, Together.
Jon Merritt,  plays drums and has been with the Al Welsh Orchestra since 2014. Jon also works as a representative for Rieman Music Company out of Fort Dodge, Iowa. Jon lives in Manson, Iowa and has been playing professionally for over 35 years.

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